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Race Car build by 

Brook Hammerschmidt


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The Plan

The plan is to take my 2001 Honda S2000 and turn her into a serious time attack contender. How I will do that will be a bit different than the majority of vehicles seen at these events. Instead of gobs of horsepower and splitters that extend 3 feet past the fenders, I plan to keep the car relatively original looking with intelligent mods, emphasizing efficiency as opposed to brute force. 



2100 Lbs

275 Crank HP

Buttonwillow 13CW Time: 1:50

Motorsports Ranch Cresson 1.7 CCW Time: 1:18


These are lofty targets and will be pushing the boundaries of what an NA S2000 can achieve. The lightest S2000 I have heard of is 2160 lbs so to be below that will be difficult. Engine Reliability is crucial. I want to spend more time driving than wrenching. 275 horsepower seems to be an obtainable power output and will still provide good reliability. If these two metrics are achieved the 29 spec S2 will have a similar power to weight ratio as a 2016 Cayman GT4. The listed lap times are roughly a 9% reduction of my best times. In order to meet those times the car will have to be dialed but the most important mod will be the driver mod.  

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